PvE Tutorial

Welcome to the Playermon "Player Versus Enemy" or PvE game mode Tutorial. In this section, each of the functions present inside of Playermon’s latest game mode, the PvE mode will be described.
Level Selection
After clicking on the Adventure button, you will be brought to the Playermon PvE Adventure map. Here you will be able to progress through the levels and earn points.
Anchorland PvE Map
Select a level by clicking on the Level icon, represented as a diamond with a number in the center. After a level is selected you will be able to see your currently selected team of Playermons and the enemy team which you will face in the level.
Level Details Side Panel

Battle Preparation

There are multiple different actions that you can see or do before you jump into the Battle for the Stage.
  • Team changing By clicking on the small sized Team button, you will be able to view all currently created Teams for your Playermons. Select a Team to use for the stage you have currently selected and click on the eye button to check the current stats of the Playermons within the team. You can also choose to move to the Edit Team screen to change the Team’s Playermons.
Team Lists
  • Checking Score and Stars If you have previously cleared this level, you will be able to view your Highest Achieve score for the stage and also how many stars you have earned.
Fully Cleared Level
  • How do I earn Stars? In order to earn a Star a Playermon must survive the entire battle, if all 3 Playermons brought to the Battle survive you will achieve a 3 stars Rating.


After clearing levels and obtaining points, you will be able to be placed onto the PvE or Adventure Leaderboard. Here is where you can see how well you place among other Playermon Masters.
Leaderboard for Anchorland
Total Score is counted up by adding all the Highest scores which have been obtained from the different stages inside of the Playermon PvE or Adventure and adding them together.
You will also be able to check how many levels you have cleared along with the number of stars you have obtained from the levels.