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Roadmap and Milestones


“Be like water” - Bruce Lee
Crypto moves fast, and we have to move as fast as we could too. Bruce Lee once say "be like water - be formless". People shouldn't allow themselves to be trapped in a certain mindset. Instead, a person should be able to adapt to certain situations, grow, and change; that's how one can adopt the qualities of water.
Please note that there are many things that could change the priorities of development. There are factors including more urgent UI/UX fix, security fix, anti-bot measure fix, feedback from community. That means the task listed below are the development priorities that we have set as of planning. As time gets closer, we will switch our priorities based on market changed and developer resources.
Previously, we have been publicly commit to specific timelines. It has been a challenge chasing our tight timeline in year 2021 that causes some of our developers to burnout and left.

Q3 2022

  • Game
    • Animation Improvements
    • Movement Mechanism Added
    • Graphic Enhancements
    • Better User Experience
    • Reward distribution for Anchorland Alpha Leaderboard
    • SpaceDen Followers Display
  • Website
    • Multiple Page Redesign
    • Playermon Wiki Added
    • Anchorland Enemy Wiki Added
    • Landing Page Redesign
    • Staking Redesign
    • QR Code with Extended Validity ( 30 Days )

Q4 2022

  • Game
    • SpaceDen Hall of Fame
    • In-app Inventory System
    • Skills involving Card Drawing and Discarding
    • Stats Increasing and Decreasing Mechanisms
    • Graphic Enhancements
    • Better User Experience
  • Website Revamp
  • Cross-chain of PYM
  • PYM Staking

Year 2023

  • Game Logic Updates
  • Game UI Enhancements
  • Website Improvements
  • Playermon NFT Rental
  • Concept of Planet Gameplay
  • Planet Staking
  • Planet NFT Sale
  • PYM Staking
  • Playermon NFT Rental
  • Anchorland Map Expansion
  • Tower of Creator Alpha Launching
  • Website Revamp

Completed Milestones

Q2 2021

  • Concept, Ideas,
  • Game Play Design
  • Team Formation

Q3 2021

  • PYM Token Smart Contract
  • PYM Token Presale
  • Listing on CoinMarketCap

Q4 2021

  • Token Generation Event (TGE)
  • Playermon NFT Egg Sale - 7.2 million PYM burned
  • Marketplace Launching
  • Hatching Day
  • SpaceDen Launching
  • Listing PYM on Quickswap DEX
  • Listing PYM on MEXC Exchange
  • Listing on CoinGecko

Q1 2022

  • SGEM Token Claiming begins
  • Stake to Earn Breeding Pod Shards
  • Breeding Pod NFT Crafting
  • Anchorland Alpha Launching
  • Listing PYM on Gate Exchange
  • Listing of Playermon NFT on OpenSea, Lootex, TofuNFT

Q2 2022

  • DAO Voting Platform
  • Anchorland Alpha Map Extension
  • Marketplace Rarity Filtering
  • Marketplace using PYM token
  • Higher Definition NFT Image