Playermon creatures are comprised of seven distinct body parts: the head, eyes, arms, chest, body, tail, and legs. Each of these components contributes to the overall makeup and characteristics of a Playermon, with the head defining the Playermon's class. The individual traits of each Playermon vary, providing a wide range of unique appearances and abilities.



All body parts matches a single character


All body parts belongs to a same class ( as HEAD )


5 / 6 body parts belongs to the same class ( as HEAD )


3 / 4 body parts belongs to the same class ( as HEAD )


1 / 2 body parts belongs to the same class ( as HEAD )

Rarity levels in Playermons are categorized as Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon, and Common, influenced by the match between the head body part and other body parts, as well as the overall cohesion of class or matching parts. A Legendary Playermon is obtained when all seven body parts match the same character, while an Epic rating is achieved when all body parts are of the same class as the head. Rare Playermons have five to six matching class parts including the head, Uncommon ones have three to four, and Common Playermons have zero to two parts matching the class.

For Genesis Playermons, which consist of 30,000 Playermons, will display entirely random features, offering a plethora of possibilities for collectors and players. When Playermons are bred, their body parts and attributes are inherited from their parents, combining elements from both to create a new, unique offspring.

The rarity of a Playermon affects its value in the marketplace, with higher rarities such as Legendary and Epic generally being more valued. However, it's important to note that the strength and combat effectiveness of a Playermon are determined not by rarity but by the combination of skill cards and how well it synergizes with other Playermons within a team. This distinction emphasizes strategy and team composition over mere collection of high-rarity creatures.

In essence, while the rarity can significantly influence the market value and collectibility, particularly among NFT and play-to-earn enthusiasts, the game's competitive aspect remains focused on skill and strategic play.

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