⚔️Battle Mechanics

Pre-Battle Setup

  • A Playermon Team can only consist of 3 different Playermon

  • Each Deck consists of 24 cards in total

  • Each Playermon has 4 different types of active skill cards and 1 passive skill card

  • Inside a deck, there are 2 copies of each active skill card

Each Character has 4 types of stats:

  • Strength which influences their maximum base health

  • Intelligence which will be used as a modifier for skills

  • Agility which indicates where the character will be on the Action Bar / Turn Indicator

  • Luck the higher this stat, the more likely the character will deal a Critical Hit with their attacking skill

Skill Cards

  • Action Point Cost - Indicates how many Action Points this skill uses

  • Attack Damage - Indicates how much Damage this skill does (without any modification)

  • Shield Gain - Indicates how much shield this skill gives to the character

In battle stats


  • Once a character’s health is reduced to “0” they will be Knocked Out of battle


  • If a character has a shield, it will absorb damage taken instead of a character’s health

  • Shield is temporary, it is only applied during combat and will disappear after

Combat Flow

The Standard Flow of Combat within Playermon follows according to the 6 phases listed below.

Round Start Phase

  • ON BATTLE START: Both teams will get 3 Action Points and Draw 5 cards

  • ON SUBSEQUENT ROUNDS: Both teams will get 2 Action Points and Draw 3 cards

  • Action Points not used in the previous round will be carried over to this current round. The maximum Action Points a Player can have is 10

  • Changes to character stats are also checked at the beginning of each round before cards are able to be played.

Main Phase/Card Play Phase:

  • During this section, players will be able to assign cards to their Playermon

  • Tap on a card to play it, using Action Points if it has a cost. You CANNOT play a card if you do not have the required Action Point to play it.

  • Card Play phase ends by pressing "End Turn" or running out of cards to play

Battle Turn Start

  • Shields are immediately assigned when the Battle Turn begins. If any card a Character (Playermon or Enemy) is playing provides the shield value

Turn Order

  • Characters (Playermon and Enemy) Agility or Speed stat influences which character will go first on the Action bar

  • It will then go from the 1st character to the 6th character

Targeting and Damage

  • If a card has any Movement in its skill effect, then the Character will first do the movement action before proceeding with attacking.

  • Playermon will attack the closest enemy to them. That is the enemy on the nearest column and row to them

  • However, if there are multiple enemies on a column then the Playermon will randomly choose an enemy and attack them

  • Attack Damage will be dealt to the Shield first and then the health

    • Attack indicator (red text appears when a character is hit), indicates how much total damage that attack did

    • If a character is defeated (when health goes to 0), then the attacking character will end it’s attack (even if there are any other attacks being used)

  • This Targeting and damage applies to Enemies when they are attacking

Round End

  • Remaining Action Points and the States of each Character is then checked before proceeded to a new Round

  • If all allies are Defeated it will be considered a Lost

  • If all enemies are Defeated it will be considered Victory

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