Playermon Items NFT

In the Playermon metaverse, there are three main categories of Playermon Items NFT that enhance the gameplay and personal space within the game:

  1. Spaceden Furniture These are decorative items that players can use to customize and beautify their Spaceden, the personal space for their Playermons. Decorative items can range from common to legendary items that not only enhance the aesthetics but also provide additional benefits like earning more SGEM tokens during specific game activities such as the Happy Hour mission.

  2. Breeding Pod This is essential for players looking to breed new Playermons. The breeding process involves selecting two Playermons and utilizing Breeding Pods, which is consumed once the breeding is successful. The introduction of breeding pods has streamlined the breeding process, making it a strategic aspect of the game as players plan their breeding endeavors to acquire new and unique Playermons.

  3. Space Boxes The Space Box is an exciting element in the Playermon game, often filled with surprises for players who open them. These boxes can contain a variety of items, and the contents typically vary based on specific events or occasions within the game. For example, during holiday events like Christmas or Lunar New Year, special themed Space Boxes are introduced.

The introduction of these NFT items into the Playermon ecosystem adds depth to the gameplay, allowing players to earn SGEM tokens, personalize their space, and engage in the breeding of Playermons with more strategic depth. For trading and exploring these NFTs, the Radix Marketplace serves as the platform for secure transactions and exchangesโ€‹

Technical Details

Blockchain: Polygon NFT Standard: ERC 1155 Smart Contract: 0xbe3eea2108d09c3b8db3306f2e008a13741f30c0

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