💱Radix Marketplace

The Playermon Marketplace

Planet Radix, also known as the Radix Marketplace within the Playermon universe, serves as the central hub for intergalactic trade and activity, bustling with life and commerce. It's renowned as the largest and busiest trade hub in the galaxy, attracting humans from across the universe to engage in various forms of trade and interaction.

Beneath the gleaming cityscape of Radix lies a contrasting underworld, a slum where clandestine Playermon fights take place, illustrating the planet's diverse range of opportunities. It’s a place where people come not only to trade but also to learn and improve their lives.

Players from multiple galaxies come to Radix for several key activities:

  • Trading Playermons: Players can trade their Playermons with PYM or finds new companions for their adventures.

  • Purchasing Playermon Eggs: Essential for growing a player's collection and gaining new Playermon companion.

  • Purchasing Space Boxes: These contain various surprises and items that can aid players on their journey.

  • Purchasing Spaceden Furniture: Adding furniture to the Spaceden is crucial as it not only enhances the aesthetic appeal when other players visit, but also provides an opportunity for additional income

  • Purchasing Breeding Pod: The essential when it comes to breeding new Playermon

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