$PYM Token

Max Supply: 1,000,000,000 $PYM ( 1 billion ) Vesting: up to 10 years, check the PYM Allocation for details Real Time Circulating Supply: https://playermon.com/tokenomics/list

$PYM Allocation & Distribution


The main token for the Playermon project is the PYM token, which plays a pivotal role in the game's ecosystem and economy. The PYM token is used for multiple purposes within the Playermon universe, including but not limited to:

  1. Governance PYM token holders have the ability to participate in governance decisions impacting the game's development. This includes voting on the game's tokenomics, determining player rewards, and making decisions on game improvements or new features. This mechanism ensures that players who are invested in the game can have a say in its future direction.

  2. Radix Marketplace The Radix Marketplace within the Playermon universe utilizes PYM as the primary currency. Players can buy and sell various items using PYM, including Playermon NFTs, SpaceBox, and Spaceden furniture. This marketplace is a critical component of the game's economy, allowing players to trade assets and enhance their gaming experience.

  3. Planet Invasion PYM is used for various in-game features, such as purchasing Space Tickets for planet invasions, sending cosmic cargo, and other activities. This use case adds to the immersive experience of the game, requiring players to strategically use their PYM tokens to advance and explore new territories.

  4. Stake on Empire Expedition

    In the Empire Expedition module of the Playermon universe, the PYM token plays a central role. Participants are required to use their PYM tokens to create their digital citizen within the game and rank up to be colonel. This mechanism integrates the PYM token deeply into the game's infrastructure, enhancing its utility and demand. Additionally, players must stake their PYM tokens for more PYM tokens over time, which serves multiple purposes: it aligns player incentives with the health and growth of the Playermon ecosystem, ensures active participation, and fosters a more committed community.

  5. Stake for Breeding Pod Shard To breed new Playermon NFTs, players need to stake PYM tokens. These tokens are used to obtain Playermon Breeding Pod Shards, essential materials for crafting breeding pods. This process is crucial for players looking to expand their collection of Playermons and enhance their capabilities within the game.

These use cases reflect the integrated role of the PYM token within the Playermon ecosystem, supporting both the game's economy and its interactive, player-driven components. The token's utility spans governance, marketplace transactions, game features, and breeding mechanisms, making it central to the Playermon experience.

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