Mini Games

Lucky Wheel

The launch of the Planet Invasion game introduces the Lucky Wheel feature, designed to enrich player involvement. This event allows players to spin the wheel every day, awarding them with a variety of valuable prizes, including resources that will be required when the mission launched, cryptocurrencies like USDT, MATIC, PYM, and ETH, as well as unique items like Genesis Egg Fragment and Space Box Fragment. These rewards are not only exciting but also provide players with crucial resources needed as the game progresses to full operation, giving them a significant advantage in their space exploration adventures.

Further enhancements to the Lucky Wheel will require players to engage more actively with the game. For instance, players might need to maintain a specific quantity of PYM tokens or take part in various gameplay activities to earn a free spin. This approach ensures that the rewards are aligned with the players' involvement and contributions to the game, making the overall experience more interactive and rewarding.

Flip Card

Within the Planet Invasion ecosystem, a second mini-game, the Flip Card Game, has been introduced to enhance player engagement. In this game, participants are given the opportunity to flip two random cards. If the cards match, players win resources that they can use within the game. This game is designed to foster regular participation and increase player retention by providing a fun, rewarding experience that encourages players to return regularly to the Planet Invasion universe. The objective is to enhance the overall player experience and maintain a high level of engagement within the game's community.

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