$SGEM Token

Spacegem ( $SGEM )

Contract Address: 0x0bb49F712a0Ff41AA8eBDFC3F34C909244B70549

Polygonscan URL: https://polygonscan.com/token/0x0bb49F712a0Ff41AA8eBDFC3F34C909244B70549

Total Supply: Elastic


The SGEM token in the Playermon ecosystem serves multiple purposes, primarily focused on incentivizing players of Playermon Classic game. Here are the main use cases for SGEM:

  1. Player Incentives Players can earn SGEM tokens through various in-game activities such as engaging in Spaceden activities, participating in Happy Hour, visiting other's Spaceden, and finding hidden SGEM tokens behind furniture.

  2. Leaderboard Rewards Players who achieve high scores in the Anchorland story mode leaderboard are rewarded with SGEM tokens, promoting competition and engagement within the game.

  3. Spending on Energy SGEM's utility extends to fundamental gameplay elements, such as purchasing energy required for continuing adventures in Anchorland. This application ensures that SGEM has a direct impact on gameplay, as players need to manage their energy resources wisely to progress. It binds the token's value to the core gameplay loop, making SGEM an essential asset for players aiming to explore deeper into the game's lore and challenges.

  4. Crafting and Burning Mechanism SGEM can be used to craft PYM tokens, with a conversion mechanism set at 2,000 SGEM for 1,000 PYM. This crafting process involves burning SGEM, which helps to maintain the token's value and ensures that players stay engaged with the game longer to accumulate the required SGEM.

  5. Decentralized Decision-Making Since PYM is limited while SGEM has an elastic supply, the conversion rate between SGEM and PYM, as well as the SGEM rewards for different game modes like Anchorland or PvP, are decided by the game's decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) which require holders of PYM tokens participation. This allows the player community to have a say in important economic decisions, reflecting a dynamic and player-centric approach to game development and tokenomics. This framework ensures that SGEM remains a vital part of the Playermon ecosystem, providing players with various ways to earn and utilize the token, thereby enhancing their overall gaming experience and investment in the game's economy. The incorporation of a DAO for decision-making further emphasizes the project's commitment to community involvement and decentralized governance.

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