SGEM Token Details

In-Game Reward Token: $SGEM

Name: Space Gem

Symbol: $SGEM

Contract Address: 0x0bb49F712a0Ff41AA8eBDFC3F34C909244B70549
Total Supply: Elastic
  • SGEM can be used to purchase in-game services and items.
  • SGEM will be used for upgrading and breeding Playermons.
  • SGEM will be used for crafting and upgrading items.
  • SGEM can be used in purchasing non-NFT in-game assets.
  • Reward in completing quests
  • Reward in completing missions
  • Reward in defeating opponents
Burning Mechanism
  • Since SGEM has an elastic number of supplies, a burning mechanism on every in-game activities and transactions will be applied to prevent its surplus in the game.
More use cases for both $SGEM will be added in the future.