Defining the Classes

In Playermon, we have 6 different unique classes for our Playermons. These classes are Inferno, Aqua, Nature, Mech, Mythos and Comet. All these classes, along with the many different Playermon available give a lot of variation to how a Team could look like.

However, looking into the different classes we can see that all of them have their own general function. Matching these general functions and skills of each of your Playermon allows you create a Balanced team to use in both PvE and PvP.

Class Advantages

To start it off, here is how our Class advantages work inside the Playermon battle systems:

Inferno and Mythos - Deals 15% more damage to Nature and Mech enemies. However, they take 15% more damage from Aqua and Comet enemies.

Nature and Mech - Deals 15% more damage to Aqua and Comet enemies. However, they take 15% more damage from Inferno and Mythos enemies.

Aqua and Comet - Deals 15% more damage to Inferno and Mythos enemies. However, they take 15% more damage from Nature and Mythos enemies.

Once we have defined which classes have an advantage over another class then we will need to see how the classes can be split into different roles.

Defining the Roles


Classes: Inferno, Mech

Role: Attacker role Playermon are focused towards dealing high damage to their opponents. Instead of wanting to block damage or weaken their opponents, these Playermon decide that offence is the best form of defence.

Inferno’s Speciality:

  • Skill cards do high damage

  • Create temporary cards into their deck that do massive damage when played later.

  • Able to utilize draw effects to find the right cards to use from their decks

Mech’s Speciality:

  • Skill cards do high damage

  • Use skills that can allow them to hit multiple times a turn with a single skill card, along with targeting a specific enemy to hit.

  • Able to provide powerful buffs to themselves to increase their damage.

Role Weaknesses:

  • Extremely Low shield gain with their cards.

  • They do not have much capability to hinder enemies or support/heal their allies.


Classes: Nature, Mythos

Role: Tank role Playermon are meant to soak or mitigate damage that their enemies are trying to inflict. High shield gain and healing capabilities they will make sure to defend as best as they can, against any foe.

Nature’s Speciality:

  • Skills cards give high shield

  • Manipulate their own position so that the enemies are forced to hit them with their high shield

  • Hinder the opponent’s actions by having high health and ways to disturb enemy positions

Mythos’ Speciality:

  • Trades shield gain for the ability to heal their allies

  • Provide Team wide buffs to allies, in order that they can survive longer

  • Gives additional health or shield to their team

Role Weaknesses:

  • Poor overall attack damage with their skill cards.

  • Ways to hinder enemies are only meant to prevent more damage from being inflicted.


Debuffer/Supporter Classes: Aqua, Comet

Role: Mage or Debuffer/Supporter Playermon utilize their abilities to hinder the opponent’s team or support their own team in a variety of ways.

Aqua’s Speciality:

  • Debuffer role Playermon

  • Skill cards inflict debuffs onto their opponents that can increase the damage that they take or their max health, reduce their stats or clog their hands and deck with useless cards.

  • Able to move out of enemy attack ranges by moving behind their allies

Comet’s Speciality:

  • Supporter role Playermon

  • Deploy a powerful passive effect onto the battlefield, that when triggered, gives a variety of positive effects for your team or negative effects and damage onto your opponents.

  • Provides your team with ways to deal more damage and use more skill cards each turn

Role Weaknesses:

  • Low base health and low overall shield gain.

  • Skill cards do not have high damage ratings, relying on their debuffs or passive effects to combat the enemy.

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