Playermon Game v2.10.0 - 20 November 2023

  • You can now get more information about the Anchorland rewards for each season in the game!

  • If you are one of the winners in Anchorland, you will be notified to claim your Anchorland rewards in the game.

  • Beginning with Season 9, the Anchorland Leaderboard rewards will be distributed in SGEM. These can be claimed directly through the game.

Playermon Game v2.9.0 - 26 June 2023

  • You can now claim up to 5 free Starter Playermons by completing the rewardable tasks!

  • There are 5 new levels with new challenges added into the Anchorland map in Adventure Mode.

  • Want to know more about the background story of Playermon? Let's watch the cinematic video in the game now!

Playermon Game v2.8.0 - 27 April 2023

  • The Rewardable Task List feature has been added. There are 3 rewardable tasks now for each player to complete and claim up to 3 Starter Playermons for free!

  • The Energy Point System feature is finally utilized. Playing each level in Adventure Mode will cost 1 energy point now. There is no easy surrender and we shall fight until the end after spending 1 energy point to start a battle in each level!

  • Not enough energy points to play the levels in Adventure Mode? No worries! The energy points will automatically recharge daily. Can’t wait? Energy points can be purchased with SGEM tokens in the game so that players can continue playing Adventure Mode without waiting!

  • The skills of enemies in Adventure Mode have been updated for players to experience new challenges in battles!

  • Good news! We have removed the love rank requirement for putting decorative items into your SpaceDen. Now you can put more decorative items that you own into your SpaceDen regardless of what your love rank is. Enjoy decorating your SpaceDen with beautiful decorative items and sharing a photo of your SpaceDen decoration with your friends as well as asking them to visit your SpaceDen!

Playermon Game v2.7.0 - 5 March 2023

  • All skill cards and passive skills are now available in the PVE game!

  • New skill cards and passive skills added include the following abilities:

    • To add action points

    • To reduce action points

    • To draw skill cards from the deck

    • To discard skill cards from the hand

    • To deal an amount of damage to an enemy at a different position or all enemies

    • To attack an enemy at a different position or all enemies

    • To attack multiple times using one skill card

  • The skill card rearrangement feature has been added in PVE battles for players to automatically rearrange the skill cards in their hand from the least action point cost to the most action point cost and put the same skill cards together.

  • The "Playermons" category has been added to the in-game inventory panel for players to view the Playermons in their inventory.

  • Selected animations of Playermons and enemies have been updated.

  • A rare bug where an enemy with zero health did not die immediately but still could attack has been fixed.

  • A rare bug where the result did not show when all the enemies died in a PVE battle has been fixed.

Playermon Game v2.6.0 - 1 February 2023

  • The skill cards and passive skills that can add or reduce points from one or more of the attributes listed below in PVE battles are now available! Playermons and enemy characters can now use the abilities from those skill cards played and passive skills to apply the effects to themselves, their teammates or their enemies.

    • Current health

    • Maximum health

    • Shield

    • Intelligence

    • Agility

    • Luck

  • Some skill cards and passive skills enable Playermons or enemy characters to apply effects to one or multiple targets in various situations, with or without conditions. Read each skill card's description to learn more about how to use them in PVE battles!

  • The pop-up character detail panel was updated to show more information about the Playermon or enemy character that you click or tap on in the Main Menu, SpaceDen and PVE battle.

  • After a new team is created on the “My Teams” page, it will automatically show the page that contains the new team in the team list.

  • The issue on the “My Teams” page, where the information of the selected team is not updated correctly after being edited, has been fixed.

  • On the login page, all white-space characters in the access token entered in the input field will be automatically removed.

Playermon Game v2.5.1 - 24 December 2022

  • The SpaceDen Decoration feature has been added. This allows you to decorate your own SpaceDen with various background and furniture items in your inventory.

  • All the SpaceDen furniture and space box items owned by players are stored in their inventory. Players can view those items in the game as well!

  • Want to earn more SGEM tokens? Put the furniture items into your SpaceDen to help you earn extra SGEM tokens when you complete the Happy Hour mission. Look at each furniture item’s description in your inventory to learn more!

  • When the player's love rank levels up, it will no longer unlock new decorative items in their SpaceDen.

  • The issue of showing Chinese words on the user interfaces of SpaceDen Hall Of Fame and PVE Leaderboard has been fixed.

  • Some issues of the Playermons' animations have been fixed.

  • The announcement box in the Main Menu can be clicked or tapped to bring you to the corresponding web page related to the announcement.

Playermon Game v2.4.0 - 21 November 2022

  • Do you need to log in again and again? Worry no more because an auto-login feature has already been added. This feature will remember you from your last play and automatically log you in to the game until you log out.

  • Main Menu V2 is now here! This upgraded User Interface offers an optimum user experience. Viewing the details of Playermons in the Main menu and SpaceDen is now made easy by just clicking or tapping on them.

  • Want to know what Playermons are being used by our top players right now? We got you! Players can now follow and visit other players' SpaceDen on the PVE leaderboard. And not just that! They could also see the Playermon’s details in each user's SpaceDen.

  • Want to know who has the most followers in their SpaceDen? Check out the SpaceDen Hall of Fame. Now you can find out who are the top famous players in the SpaceDen.

  • The Intelligence Stat is now more functional! During PVE battles, if the Playermon's intelligence is higher than its attack target, then it will be more familiar when attacking the same target. Therefore, this allows the Playermon to inflict more damage to the same target.

  • The overall game performance for the Android version has been improved! Players can now enjoy a better and smoother gaming experience on their Android devices. A follow toggle button is added for the user's convenience in the SpaceDen. This button allows you to follow or unfollow a user's Spaceden whenever you visit it.

Playermon Game v2.3.2 - 30 September 2022

  • Added the movement skills that allow playermons and enemies to change the position of self, teammate or enemy from one position to another position on the battlefield.

  • The Playermon's rarity level will give bonus shield now! Higher rarity level will give more bonus shield.

  • If you do not use any skill cards in the current round of the battle, you will earn 1 extra action point in the next round.

  • Tired of doing calculation? Now here's the system that helps you automatically calculate the accumulated shield and attack damage of each Playermon from skill cards in the planning phase.

  • Added pop-up wordings of Critical (critical hit), Strong (more effective) and Weak (less effective) for characters' attacks in battles.

  • Added the UI to display the SpaceDen owner's total followers who added the owner into their favourite lists.

  • Added the SpaceDen Screenshot Sharing button (for the mobile version only) for you to share the screenshot of your own SpaceDen or other user's SpaceDen.

  • Added a UI toggle button for you to hide or show the left and bottom UI elements in the SpaceDen game scene.

  • Improved the Playermon image quality.

  • Fixed some UI issues that happened on some widescreen resolutions.

Playermon Game v2.2.1 - 6 July 2022

  • Added 5 new levels with new enemies in the Anchorland (Alpha) map of the Adventure Mode (PVE Game).

  • Updated the decorative items in the SpaceDen game.

  • Updated the Playermon skill list UI in the Playermons and Teams pages.

  • Updated the pop-up character detail panel UI in the PVE battle game.

  • Fixed various bugs including animation and UI issues in the Teams page, SpaceDen game and PVE battle game.

  • Optimized the overall game to increase performance.

Playermon Game v2.1.0 - 2 May 2022

  • Added the PVE Leaderboard feature in the Adventure Mode (PVE Game).

  • Added a pop-up Class Advantage Chart panel for players' reference in the PVE battles.

  • Added more visual effects and sound effects into the PVE game.

  • Improved the error handling system in all the scenes.

  • Fixed some UI issues.

Playermon Game v2.0.0 - 30 March 2022

  • Now you can view the details (class, body parts, stats, skills, etc.) of all the Playermons in your account.

  • Now you can create teams of Playermons and select one of the teams to use in the SpaceDen game and battles.

  • Adventure Mode (PVE Game) unlocked! Now you can use your Playermons to fight with the enemies in the Anchorland (Alpha) map that contains 10 different levels.

  • Updated the sound effects.

  • Added the scene transition animation for better user experience.

  • Improved the error handling for SpaceDen Happy Hour and Treasure Hunt.

  • Fixed some bugs.

Playermon Game v1.2.0 - 30 January 2022

  • Added the SpaceDen Treasure Hunt feature that allow users to find and earn SGEM tokens that might be hidden in their own SpaceDen and other players' SpaceDen.

  • Added in-app sharing function to share achievements.

  • Added Craft in SpaceDen.

  • Added a Shop in Main Menu.

Playermon Game v1.1.0 - 16 January 2022

  • Added SpaceDen Visit feature that allows players to visit other player's SpaceDen.

  • Added a Sync button in the Main Menu for users to sync the latest Playermons from the blockchain.

  • Updated the background music and sound effects.

  • Updated visual effects.

  • Fixed some bugs in the SpaceDen game.

Playermon Game v1.0.0 - 22 December 2021

  • The initial game release.

  • SpaceDen game that allows you to feed, bathe and play with your Playermons to earn love points.

  • Love points will upgrading your love rank and unlocking new decorative items.

  • Earn SGEM tokens through completing the Happy Hour mission.

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