🪖Empire Expedition


The Playermon Empire Expedition aims to harness the power of community engagement within the Web3 space by introducing an affiliate program designed to incentivize players to spread the word about Playermon. This approach is inspired by the concept of leveraging enthusiastic online communities, similar to those seen with meme coins like Shiba Army, which have significantly benefited from active and dedicated community support. The affiliate program within the Playermon Empire Expedition is structured to reward players for their promotional efforts, offering them digital citizenship (DC), ranking, PYM tokens and even Bitcoin (BTC) for bringing new players into the game or contributing to its expansion through social media, content creation, and other forms of online engagement.

This model capitalizes on the viral potential of Web3 communities, encouraging players to become ambassadors of the Playermon brand. The strategy is not just about expanding the game's user base but also about strengthening the community's bond with the game, creating a loyal and active player base that is invested in the game's success. By integrating the affiliate program with the game's mechanics, Playermon Empire Expedition ensures that both new and existing players are engaged and motivated to contribute to the game's ecosystem, enhancing its visibility, reach, and overall impact in the Web3 space.


In the Playermon Empire Galaxy, a digital realm vibrant with life and possibilities, a power struggle emerged among its digital citizen. Clans, once peaceful, now fight for dominance, each desiring to rule as the next king of the new planetary kingdom.To resolve conflicts and restore order, a decree was issued: the first to become a Millionaire through bravery, intelligence, and virtue would be crowned King.

Mission: Aim to achieve the status of a Millionaire King.

  1. Establish Your Empire: Begin with a small foundation, expanding your territory, economy, and influence. (Acquire a Digital Citizen and build clans.)

  2. Strategic Recruitment: Grow your clan to achieve various milestones and earn multiple milestone rewards, including substantial amounts of Bitcoin .

  3. Learn and Adapt: Expand by growing communities, recruiting more people, and earning activation rewards.

  4. Staking your initial kickstart funds to receive lucrative staking rewards, and enhance your gains further by recruiting new clan members.

  5. Align Digital Citizen clans for battles and earn rewards. Clash multiple active clans. Engage in unlimited clashes, earning up to $2,100 USDT per day . Lead your clans to victory in this strategic war of wealth!

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