🏡SpaceDen Tutorial

Welcome to the SpaceDen, here you are able to interact with your Playermons in several ways. You are also able to Craft new items and Visit other Players to find SGEMs.

Interacting with the Playermon

Within the SpaceDen, your Playermons will ask you to do one of 3 interactive actions to make them love you more. When you are interacting, hold the icon above the correct Playermon to conduct the interaction.

Interactive Actions:

  • Feed - Drag the Food icon to feed a Playermon a piece of food (leftmost icon)

  • Play - Drag the Play icon to show the Playermon some kindness or entertainment (middle icon)

  • Bath - Drag the Bath icon to a Playermon who wants to be washed (rightmost icon)

Each successful interaction will increase the heart meter on the top left side of the screen. By levelling the affinity or heart meter, more decorations will appear in your SpaceDen.

Visiting Other Players’ SpaceDens

How about checking out and seeing another player’s SpaceDen?

In order to do so click on the Visit spaceship button and then you will be moved to another random player’s SpaceDen. At another player’s SpaceDen you can view their currently selected Playermon, along with the chance of finding some SGEMs inside of their base.

Click on the back button to later return to your own SpaceDen, or you can also find and check out a different player’s SpaceDen if you wish.

Obtaining SGEMs from SpaceDen

SpaceDen - Happy Hour

  • On a specific time during the day, Happy Hour will occur

  • When Happy Hour is active, you will be able to get a specific amount of SGEMs from your Feed, Play or Bath interactions with your Playermons inside of the SpaceDen. Doing it correctly will reward you with SGEM.

SpaceDen - Treasure Hunt

  • During the time when SpaceDen - Treasure, SGEMs will be hidden behind the furniture present inside of a SpaceDen. Tap on a decorative item inside the SpaceDen to find hidden SGEMs behind.

  • When visiting another player’s SpaceDen, you are also able to interact with their furniture and find some SGEMs. Visit different players' SpaceDen to find all the hidden SGEMs during the Treasure Hunt.

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