Similar to everyday pets, Playermons possess the capability to breed. To initiate this, a player selects two Playermons and utilizes an adequate number of Playermon Breeding Pod NFTs for the breeding session. These Breeding Pods are consumed — or 'burned' — following a successful breeding process.

In the captivating world of Playermon, these creatures defy traditional gender norms, enabling players to combine any two Playermons for breeding purposes. This unique feature introduces an unexpected twist and broadens the scope for diversity in breeding outcomes, removing traditional barriers and allowing for endless creative combinations. Prepare yourself to delve into the infinite breeding possibilities as you pair different Playermons to create distinct and unique offspring.

Every Playermon is endowed with a unique genetic makeup, categorized into Dominant, Recessive 1, and Recessive 2 genes. These genetic components influence the traits of their progeny, leading to a variety of potential outcomes. The specific probabilities associated with each gene's influence on the newly bred Playermons will be further explained in upcoming updates. Stay alert for more detailed insights into the breeding mechanics of Playermons and the myriad possibilities they present.

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