Tโ€Œhere are seven parts that make up Playermon. There are: Head, Eyes, Arms, Chest, Body, Tails, Legs

Each Playermon is made up of different characteristics based on these parts, making every single one unique. The combination of these parts can affect not just how a Playermon looks, but also how it behaves and performs in the game. The head defines the class and the number of parts in the same class defines the rarity.


For Genesis Playermons, which are the ones obtained from incubating eggs when the game launched, all features including body parts and attributes are completely random. This randomness ensures a wide variety of Playermons from the start, contributing to the diversity and richness of the game's ecosystem.

When breeding, Playermons inherit parts from both parents. This includes a mix of dominant and recessive traits from the parents' seven body parts. The dominant gene from either parent is more likely to determine the physical features of the offspring Playermon, although the two sets of recessive genes (recessive 1 and recessive 2) also have a chance to influence the offspring's characteristics.

More detailed information about breeding will be provided in future updates from Playermon, giving players deeper insights into creating and evolving their space companions.


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