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Playermon rarity can be tagged as Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon, or Common.
The initial 30,000 eggs will be distributed among these 5 rarities which are defined based on the head design, the number of matching parts or class.
The more matching parts, the more chance to get a Legendary Playermon.
Rarity Distribution Within the First 30,000 Genesis Playermon Eggs
Same with other NFTs, the rarity can affect the Playermon value in the marketplace. Also, if you can Legendary and if the game becomes popular, it can make the NFT a collectible which can also significantly raise its price and interests from the NFT and play-to-earn game enthusiasts.
An important note as well is that the strength of a Playermon is not based on the rarity but on the combination of the skill cards together with the synergy with the other Playermons within a team.
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