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Population Management

Playermon's population growth is a major factor in the Playermon ecosystem. At any given moment, there exists an ideal growth rate that allows them to have an optimum growth.
Having low growth rate, the Playermon's value will be too high and this will create a wide barrier for old and new players. In contrast, having a high growth rate, Playermon's price will eventually plummet.

Long term Playermon population management relies on:

  • Adding additional features to the game and gameplay such as colonial base, land, planet and space exploration with new game objectives, so that players will not be burnt-out by grinding on the same gameplay.
  • Adding vertical progression where players tend to aim to solely expand the size of their collection. This model is not optimal-long term. In the later expansion, there will be upgrades to both Playermons and planets. These upgrades will require crafting ingredients obtained from mining resources nodes on the planet they owned.
  • SGEM will burnt once players craft and upgrade crafting ingredients obtained through mining resources nodes. And will be burnt as well every time players evolve and breed their Playermons.
Last modified 2yr ago