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Mission & Vision

Why Playermon Exists?

Why Playermon?

Traditional Games have been established in the last 30 years. Play-to-earn games has just started not long ago, it has gained exponential growth in terms of the transaction and total active user. It took more than 10 years for cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to become mainstream, but we foresee that gamefi will gain momentum faster than cryptocurrency 1.0. In fact, gamefi brings a whole new community to become a crypto user. Through the fundamentals of gaming, the team creates a good game that is fun to play.
Playermon Team believes in the potential of the project because of the current huge demand for NFT games and combining it with the more than a decade of award-winning experience of the founders and developers in the mobile game industry.
Playermon Team feels that the game will be in demand because of:
  • Adorable and artistically made Playermons, with a potential to be high-demand NFT collectibles
  • Strong focus on tokenomics, burning and gaming mechanism and staking through the execution of well-known Blockchain developers in ASIA
  • Multiple games in a game that provides many opportunities to earn and to unwind with a focus on socializing and competing with other players
  • Dedication and commitment of gaming developers and artists around the world to the project (with decades of experience, expertise, and award-winning talents)
  • Support from strong advisors and partners from the blockchain game communities
  • The ability of Playermon Team to listen to the community and execute what is best for the game
  • A platform is created for artists, content creators, and gamers to unleash their passion and connect in the virtual world
The Vision
Playermon was conceptualized to become the next leading social creative metaverse, a play-to-earn NFT game in the blockchain industry - a game accessible to everyone, with low entry costs, and provides players, creators, and investors with the ability to generate income based on their creativity and "playformance". We aim to empower the Playermon community creators, players, and investors!
We believe that the metaverse future is about the community where work, play and social can happen in the virtual space. We believe in empowering the creativity in a community where they could express their creativity and show it off to the public in the metaverse while enjoying the economic opportunities created.
We understand that making a metaverse game and community requires time, so in Playermon, we have our tokenomics planned for 10 years instead of 2/3 years. Team token, play reward, staking reward are allocated for 10 years.
The Mission
The Team's mission is to create a social creative metaverse that provides high engagement value among players, and where through gaming, they can experience the following:
1) Immersive storytelling that provides players with exciting experiences in the battlefields;
2) Strategizing and battling against one another using their gaming prowess;
3) Colonizing planets to harvest resources in peace;
4) Breed/create new Playermons with unique features and better stats; and,
5) A Social Creative Metaverse Space where community members can create their own minigame