The Anchorland (PvE)

The Playermon PvE
‌At the beginning of the gameplay, you (the player) would receive an SOS signal from a distant planet, as the Captain of Starsailor (your spaceship) and as a bounty hunter, you decided to look into the matter and would only lend a hand if the price is right. However, there was no reply to the signal.
‌You arrived at a very forest-dense planet and saved a child from an attack of a group of wild Playermons. To repay you, the child became your guide and showed you the direction out of the forest.
‌After sending the child back to his parents, you heard a loud siren. All the villagers fled into their own house for shelter and you felt curious and hid in an elusive spot to observe the situation. You saw several uniformed personnel and you decided to follow them.
‌Unsure how long you had followed them, a group of unknown people showed up to fight against them. Overhearing their conversation, you understood that the group of people was the rebels and they wished to fight the uniformed personnel. You decided to help the rebels as they were not good enough to fight the uniformed personnel.
‌The rebels with their Playermons brought you to their bases and informed you that Anchorland Mining Company had colonized their planet. The villagers and Playermons were enslaved and were forced to help Anchorland Mining Company to acquire valuable resources and some of the Playermons were being captured and exported from the planet. The SOS signal was also sent by the rebels to ask for support.
‌After agreeing on the reward, you decided to join them. The team planned to destroy the main mining machine and free the captured Playermons. The rebels hoped to cripple Anchorland Mining Company’s operation by doing so. However, when they arrived at the center of the mining area, where the main mining machine was, the place was half empty.
‌The rebels found out that Anchorland Mining Company had mined the planet to the core and the planet would eventually collapse in no time. The team freed up all the remaining Playermons in the facility and left hastily.
‌After a thorough discussion in their base, the rebels thought that it is their responsibility to warn and transport all villagers away from the planet by using the devices Anchorland Mining Company left behind.
‌ The rebels paid you and you wished them good luck in the future.