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Tamagotchi-inspired Game within the Playermon Metaverse
After purchasing and incubating eggs for a certain amount of time, players can interact and need to take care of their Playermons by feeding, bathing, and playing with them.
Doing so can slowly fill up the "Love Points" which show the bonding between the Playermons and the player which will benefit the players as the game features are improved and developed.
After purchasing and incubating eggs for a certain amount of time, the Playermons will hatch. Playermons can be cared for by feeding, bathing, and petting them.
Aside from that, the Playermons will also earn SGEM when they complete some of the quests in the SpaceDen Game. There will be more features being added to the SpaceDen soon!
At times, the Playermons will have specific requests and need from players. This will be shown via a pop-up bubble requesting the particular action. If the player performs that action, they will earn a Love Point, which contributes to their Love Meter and ultimately their Love Rank.
Each Love Rank gained unlocks new furniture that will enhance the hospitality and appeal of their Space Den. Over time, more features to Space Den will be unlocked via the Love Rank, so keep your Playermons happy and earn their love!
On top of that, players will participate in a special bonding event called Happy Hour with their Playermon. During the Happy Hour, each Playermon will take turns to issue a specific request.
Because it is a unique game with the Playermons, players must perform their requests correctly, and in the specific order, they were requested.
Whenever the player performs the wrong action requested or did it out of the requested order, the event will be stopped, and players must restart it again.
After the player completes the Happy Hour correctly, the player will earn SGEM tokens. Happy Hour can be repeated every 12 hours from the last time it was successfully performed. Start bonding with your Playermon today for more SGEM tokens and future advantages!
As part of the Space Den game, you can also visit and interact with other Playermon Masters' Space Den to look at their space and interact.
Start bonding with your Playermon today for more tokens and future advantages!
Take note that this is just a game before another Playermon game within the metaverse - turn-based card game which is the Anchorland (PvE) and The Tower of Creator (PvP)!