Radix Marketplace

The Playermon Marketplace
The Planet Radix is the busiest and most populated planet in the galaxy. Humans across the universe continuously gather in Radix to trade. Hence, it has always been the largest and busiest trade hub in the galaxy.
Under the bright and shiny city however, there is also an underground slum where fights for Playermons are organized. After all, This is a planet of opportunities where humans gather to trade, learn, and improve life.
The in-game activities that players across multiple galaxies can do in Radix are to:
  • Lease their Playermon (scholarship);
  • Trade their Playermon;
  • Purchase eggs;
  • Purchase blind boxes;
  • Purchase in-game items for crafting;
  • Purchase seasonal limited in-game assets; and,
  • Purchase planets;
Minimum viable product of the Marketplace - this will still have more features in the future like filters and basic statistics:
With the goal of helping the players and creators achieve the highest monthly trading volume, the Team utilized the Polygon blockchain for low gas fees and fast transaction speed purposes.
**More Planets and Events are coming soon**