Planet Gameplay

Playermon Planet platform provides another extensive gateway to creators and artists to publish their diverse games in playermon planet, An integrated social platform for the Gamefi projects creator to launch mini-games our playermon galaxy and planet. By leveraging our ecosystem through SGem distribution and PYM collateral.
Not all planets are created equal, some are more resourceful than others and some might contain underground dungeons for the player to explore. However, before gaining access to any of the mentioned, Planet owners should invite scholars and other players to explore their planet.
‌Once the players obtain their own planet, they can start mining for any resources node.
‌In addition, players can cross-planet mining among planets. However, the player is required to build an interplanetary scanner to check planets near to their location.
To build an interplanetary scanner, players should explore the planets or complete missions to collect items that are required in crafting it. If they want to own it without doing all the hassles, they can purchase them at Radix (marketplace).