Battle Mechanics

Pre-Battle Setup

  • A Playermon Team can only consist of 3 different Playermon
  • Each Deck consists of 24 cards in total
  • Each Playermon has 4 different types of active skill cards and 1 passive skill card
  • Inside a deck, there are 2 copies of each active skill card
Edit Team with a Playermon Skills

Each Character has 4 types of stats:

  • Strength which influences their maximum base health
  • Intelligence which will be used as a modifier for skills
  • Agility which indicates where the character will be on the Action Bar / Turn Indicator
  • Luck the higher this stat, the more likely the character will deal a Critical Hit with their attacking skill
Playermon Details with a Playermon Status Points

Skill Cards

  • Action Point Cost - Indicates how many Action Points this skill uses
  • Attack Damage - Indicates how much Damage this skill does (without any modification)
  • Shield Gain - Indicates how much shield this skill gives to the character
Playermon Skill Card Details

In battle stats

  • Once a character’s health is reduced to “0” they will be Knocked Out of battle
  • If a character has a shield, it will absorb damage taken instead of a character’s health
  • Shield is temporary, it is only applied during combat and will disappear after
Health and Shield during Battle Scene

Combat Flow

The Standard Flow of Combat within Playermon follows according to the 6 phases listed below.

Round Start Phase

  • ON BATTLE START: Both teams will get 3 Action Points and Draw 5 cards
  • ON SUBSEQUENT ROUNDS: Both teams will get 2 Action Points and Draw 3 cards
  • Action Points not used in the previous round will be carried over to this current round. The maximum Action Points a Player can have is 10
  • Changes to character stats are also checked at the beginning of each round before cards are able to be played.
Sample Playermon Battle Scene - Battle Start

Main Phase/Card Play Phase:

  • During this section, players will be able to assign cards to their Playermon
  • Tap on a card to play it, using Action Points if it has a cost. You CANNOT play a card if you do not have the required Action Point to play it.
  • Card Play phase ends by pressing "End Turn" or running out of cards to play

Battle Turn Start

  • Shields are immediately assigned when the Battle Turn begins. If any card a Character (Playermon or Enemy) is playing provides the shield value

Turn Order

  • Characters (Playermon and Enemy) Agility or Speed stat influences which character will go first on the Action bar
  • It will then go from the 1st character to the 6th character

Targeting and Damage

  • If a card has any Movement in its skill effect, then the Character will first do the movement action before proceeding with attacking.
  • Playermon will attack the closest enemy to them. That is the enemy on the nearest column and row to them
  • However, if there are multiple enemies on a column then the Playermon will randomly choose an enemy and attack them
  • Attack Damage will be dealt to the Shield first and then the health
    • Attack indicator (red text appears when a character is hit), indicates how much total damage that attack did
    • If a character is defeated (when health goes to 0), then the attacking character will end it’s attack (even if there are any other attacks being used)
  • This Targeting and damage applies to Enemies when they are attacking
During Battle Turn

Round End

  • Remaining Action Points and the States of each Character is then checked before proceeded to a new Round
  • If all allies are Defeated it will be considered a Lost
  • If all enemies are Defeated it will be considered Victory