Playermon Metaverse: Investment Opportunity


Playermon will host numerous tournaments that will provide more opportunities for players and investors to earn through merchandise sales, ticket sales, ads revenue, and broadcasting rights.

Planet Taxing

Investors can earn tax through the purchase of planet assets. Planet owners will be rewarded with tax through the staking pools.

Play-to-Earn Community Playermon Yield Guild

Create a play-to-earn community Yield Guild through the process of lending in-game assets, and provide opportunities to other players through scholarship program.

Open World Planet Gameplay: Creator Market

Playermon team aims to build a planet gameplay that will empower creators and artists in enjoying a secure copyright ownership with the ability to earn PYM.
The Creator Economy has become the market leader and corporate leader. Thirty-one start-up capital investments since October 2020 showed $800 million in industrial growth. This form of monetary infusion is not only legal in the Creator Economics but also a force to be counted in sending strong signals validating the Creator Economy.